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ACI Aircraft Charters

Our Fleet

ACI will accommodate almost any jet charter requirement anywhere in the world.

One of the most comfortable and efficient aircraft in the air today. Carrying up to nine passengers at over 300 mph in first class comfort, this Swiss-built turbo-prop powered aircraft is the most cost effective aircraft available in it’s class.

Especially ideal for short and medium range trips but it can readily handle long distances, too. In the PC-12 you can fly your friends and half a ton of gear to the Bahamas, or fly nonstop to New York, Chicago or Montreal.



ACI operates a number of our own aircraft, but we also have access to more than 5,500 charter aircraft worldwide.

ACI has the knowledge, experience and expertise to put you into the aircraft that best suits your travel needs and desires. We cater for a range of requests and pride ourselves on our attention to detail, ensuring that ACI is your first choice for charter.

ACI also has the ability to meet and arrange your specific travel requests.

  • Limousine, town car services
  • Catering

Turbo Props are the lightest of charter aircraft, and use either a single or twin turbine powered engine. They have the most conservative fuel consumption of all charter aircraft and therefore are the more cost efficient for shorter service flights. TP’s are ideal for short to mid-range trips. They have the capacity to seat 6-9 passengers, an average cruising speed of 218-355 mph and have an average range over 1200 miles.

Light Jets are the entry level of the Jet category, and have some of the sleekest and best performing aircraft. Light Jets offer a comfortable and quiet ride. They are the most fuel efficient choice for short to mid-range trips. They have the capacity to hold 5-8 passengers, average cruising speed of 400-560 mph and an average nonstop range of 1200 miles.

Medium size jets offer the luxury and space of a larger aircraft while still remaining efficient and versatile offering a best in class experience. They have a small galley and enclosed private lavatories. Medium jets are ideal for transcontinental flights with the capacity for 7-9 passengers, a cruising speed of 510-590 mph, and a nonstop average range of 1850 miles.

Super-mids are a popular choice for executive travel and long range flights. These aircraft have more cabin space and a greater fuel capacity allowing for longer, more comfortable flights. Super-mids have private lavatories, state of the art galleys and are sometimes called “conference rooms of the sky”. They have capacity for 7-10 passengers, 490-590 mph and a nonstop range of 3400-3600 miles.

Heavy Jets are by far the most luxurious and spacious aircraft available while still offering premium performance. They have a capacity for 9-15 passengers, a cruising speed of 500-560 mph and an average nonstop range of 4000 miles. Heavy jets offer internal and external luggage compartments, and conveniences such as private lavatories, entertainment systems, satellite phones and faxes, and full state-of-the-art galleys.

Airliners are most commonly used by sports teams, music artists and Heads of State. These aircraft can be configured for both standard seating and executive seating, including bedrooms, entertainment systems, high-tech galleys and state-of-the-art amenities. Airliners have an average cruising speed of 500 mph and a range up to 6000 nautical miles.