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ACI Aircraft Charters

Aircraft Management

ACI takes care of your aircraft as if it were our own

Today’s business aircraft is an indispensable business tool that pays for itself in time and increased flexibility. We at ACI take care of your aircraft as if it were our own, with a lavish attention to detail that guarantees safety, comfort, and cost effectiveness.

Our dedicated personnel provide you with aircraft scheduling, dispatch, ground arrangements, maintenance tracking and scheduling, flight crew, flight crew training, and detailed monthly aircraft utilization and expense accounting reports.

ACI takes care of your aircraft

Our Purchase Power

The purchasing power we have because of our fleet results in significant savings on aviation insurance, crew training and most other aviation goods and services. We happily pass that savings along to you, our management client.

By participating in our Aircraft Interchange Program you effectively turn your aircraft into an entire fleet. Be it business, pleasure, or a combination of both, you can select the aircraft that best matches your specific needs. Now, if you need more then one aircraft on a given day, multiple operations become a viable option. With our interchange program, you remain airborne ready even while your aircraft remains on the ground due to scheduled maintenance.

Permit us to charter your aircraft when you’re not using it, and we can transform your aircraft downtime into significant revenue generation, sweetening the financial picture of aircraft ownership and helping to justify aircraft acquisition. Put your aircraft under our wings, and we’ll guarantee maximum aircraft usefulness and flexibility.

ACI is always at your service to schedule your flights, make ground transportation and catering arrangements and make sure that all of your needs will be met to your complete satisfaction. We don’t just treat it as an airplane, but as one of your most effective time management tools, saving you time that you can invest into better things like maximizing your business productivity or minimizing your golf score. manner.

Once you have discovered how invaluable corporate aviation can be for both business and pleasure, you may want to consider purchasing an aircraft. To the untrained, this can be a daunting proposition. Let the experience of ACI work for you. From analyzing past and future planned travel to determining what aircraft model(s) best meet your travel and investment needs; from preparing detailed cost of ownership analysis and market reviews to selecting and purchasing your aircraft, ACI is your expert resource. After acquisition, ACI will assist you in forming your own ‘in house’ flight department or, alternatively, we’ll help you contain costs by adding it to our management fleet.

Do you have the desire to own your own aircraft and enjoy the cost savings and tax benefits associated with aircraft ownership, but your usage just doesn’t quite justify the cost of aircraft acquisition? ACI is uniquely experienced in putting like-minded individuals together to create an effective and smooth-working joint ownership solution. We will analyze your expected usage, travel times, etc. to create a harmonious partnership where symmetry rather then conflict of schedules is the order of the day. And when there is that inevitable case of conflict of schedule, participation in our Aircraft Interchange Program is a ready solution so that all can meet their transportation needs.

Be it as the provider of your air charter services, or the manager of your intercontinental business jet the philosophy of ACI is to build a lasting client relationship and alliance. Our dedicated work force provides the highest attention to detail and recognizes the need for personalized service in every aspect of our operations. It is to that end that ACI is dedicated.


We provide you with a monthly accounting of all repairs and expenditures. Your operational summary indexes all flights, passenger usage, flight log summary and mission profiles.

We carefully scrutinize all operational costs and maintenance expenses for accuracy and completeness and plan for contingencies when preparing an accurate annual budget. We provide the data that you need for accurate and complete tax and expense accounting.