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About ACI

Whether you’re planning a trip for business or pleasure, ACI is here for you!
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We are among the most comprehensive and expert air charter and brokerage jet companies in the industry today.

Unlike many other air charter companies, we operate several of our own aircraft. With access to more than 5,500 charter aircraft worldwide, ACI has the knowledge, experience and expertise to put you into the aircraft that best suits your travel needs and desires.

ACI is founded upon safety, convenience and comfort. Our pilots and maintenance personnel are highly qualified with many years of airline and military experience behind them. They are trained and tested to the highest FAA standards prescribed for commercial aviation. Their mission is to provide ACI customers the safest, most convenient, and most enjoyable travel experience possible.

ACI wants to help you plan your trip down to the last detail. After obtaining the parameters of your trip, its point of departure, destination, date and time, passenger count  and time constraints and from that information one of our trained travel coordinators will offer and explain various aircraft alternatives and provide firm cost quotations. Specialty Catering, Ground Transportation arrangements all fall under the expertise of our Travel Coordinators. An unusual request – be it a favorite bottle of wine, etc. – our Travel Coordinators will make it happen.

Simply stated, safety surpasses all other considerations in the operations conducted by ACI. Our professionally trained crews have thousands of flight hours and many years of experience in providing first class service to the most discriminating clientele. In aircraft requiring a crew of two, safety is further enhanced in that each pilot is Captain qualified in that particular make and model aircraft.

“Successful people know the value of their time…and so does ACI.” Here at ACI, we want to help you to utilize that time to its best advantage. Whether traveling cross-country in a jet, or cross-town in a helicopter, we at ACI are singularly focused on meeting your travel needs in a safe, comfortable, time efficient and cost effective manner.